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 Women of Chasti-Permalock


I wish to emphasize that I did not write this, it was on SweetChastity.com and has since vanished. I am posting it here to preserve this story. Please do not credit me at all for this story.

Women of Chasti-Permalock
by Ronnie of Borg

The Women of ChastiPermalock: Sam and Kendra

Welcome to our informal series, The Women of ChastiPermalock. In this series we highlight a woman who works for ChastiPermalock. Our employees are dedicated people, and this is our way of saying thanks to those who believe so much in our products, they have to take some home with them.

Today we are highlighting two women who bought the same thing, but used them in different ways. Sam works with our focus group process, helping guide our marketing division to new ideas and helps them understand how people respond to new ideas. A valuable contribution. Sam has been with CP for three years.

Our other woman is Kendra, from our Reception pool. She fills in when others are on vacation or otherwise unable to work. She has also been with us three years.

Sam, what was your first CP product?

That was a removable ChastiLock. I bought one for myself after my boyfriend left after a major fight. It was a great booster for me.

Why did you pick the removable version?

I like sex too much to give it up for good, but I wanted the security that only CP can provide. Only I could remove it, but only after it had been in me for three days or longer. That way if jerkface showed up, he couldn’t do anything to me.

Security is a prime seller of our products, after all.

Don’t I know it. I do run focus groups.

So Sam, tell us about your latest addition.

Six months ago the products division came up with a variation on our bodyform line. They had found a way to create a completely clear version of it. They’ve tried in the past, but it always had a murky, muddy look to it. Not attractive. They wanted some groups run on the product, so I set out to do just that. The more I looked at it, the more I liked what I saw.

Our groups echoed what I felt. The idea of being able to SEE what was being hidden away attracted people. Most of our products hide bits away never to be seen again, and some women have a problem with that. This new product allows both security, and visibility at the same time. So I signed myself up for a set!

What did you get?

I chose a set of nipple covers. The clear bodyform covers my nipples, areola, and some breast behind itself. Take a look at the bra I’m wearing. Can you see any lines at all from it?

No, I can’t tell a thing!

That’s the point. Let me take this off so you can see…. there. That’s better! Take a look at the bodyform. It creates an ultimately smooth line from where it meets my skin over here, all the way across and to where it joins up here. This bodyform added most of a cup-size, so I’m now a solid C. Perfect for me.

My dear, I have to agree. Now I see some jewelry in your covered nipples, there. What’s the story behind that?

Heh! That. I knew from my product briefings that the bodyform would permanently mold my anatomy to whatever form I wanted underneath. So I figured I’d do something special. The day I had them installed, I got my nipples pierced. I then went right over to the CP office for my appointment. The bodyform installed around it just fine. If you can look closer, you can see that the rings are swung a little away from my body, as if they had been frozen in flight. Dead sexy.

The best part was that the bodyform helped the healing of the piercing like nothing else could. I had been thinking about the piercing for some time. But when the bodyform came out, I knew that I had to have something done now our I’d never have the chance.

How do you like the bodyform now that you’ve had it several months now?

It’s great! I can hide it just peachy under even a regular bra. Makes me look bigger. Plus, I never have my nips poking through my tops. The smooth line is incredible. Also, I get a charge every time I look at myself in the morning. Seeing my nips and the rings perfectly preserved under the bodyform has yet to make me NOT grin at the sight. I hope that never wears off!

It is great to hear you like it so much. And that brings us to you, Kendra. You aren’t on the product team, so how did you first learn about the clear bodyform?

Since I work reception, we are the first people visitors see when they visit the ChastiPermalock offices. We have to give a good impression. A lot of the time we get briefed on new products that we have to ‘demo’ to visitors. Nothing permanent so far, but sometimes we get things like a new model of corset we have to wear. Or that mask that came out a year ago. We got the clear bodyform briefing three months ago. We were supposed to wear a clear bodyform in the shape of a blindfold while on the job.

How did you like the experience?

It was strange. The bodyform changes the light somehow, almost like I’m looking through absolutely still water or something. Visitors were impressed, and we got questions about them. Which was the point, afterall.

I know you have some other product of ours at home. What do you have?

Ever since I heard about the ChastiLock, I’ve wanted one. I have a removable kind. Which was good, since I’ve seen some of the newer models and I want those more than the one I would have gotten four years ago. Anyway, my husband Charles likes the look of my crotch as nature made me, and forbade a permanent lock. Even with a pleasure sleeve.

I have three ChastiLocks right now. The original I picked up four years ago, which is the simple lock ‘em away model. Nothing fancy. The second I picked up after I started here and got the discount. It’s the anal version, and has a sleeve. Charles likes that one, but still likes me the way I came to him. The third version I got a hair over a year ago. Its one of those newer modular ChastiLocks, with the core that comes out and can be exchanged for things.

He bought me a removable oral chastity device for Christmas two years ago. That’s fun to play with. I talk all day, and when I come home I’m silent and have no choice.

Kendra, what did you do with your clear bodyform?

Unlike Sam, when I saw it for the first time, the idea of what I wanted to do popped right into my head. After we wore the bodyform during work, it just made me think harder about it. I talked to Charles and he was OK with the idea, so we tried it out in removable mode first. We like it so much, we made it permanent last week!

Anyway, best to show you.

I see, you had your breasts done like Sam, but a bit bigger.

You might say that. I wasn’t anything impressive before, so I aimed to fix that. Charles didn’t have any complaints to the idea. Like you can see, I covered my breasts with the stuff too. But I gave myself a full two cup sizes instead of Sam’s half size. You can still see my real breasts in there, but under clothing you can’t tell.

I liked the idea of a clear breast, so I had duplicates of my nipples molded into the bodyform. Drag your finger down my breast here, tell me what you feel.

If I close my eyes, it feels like a nipple. Cooler than normal skin, but that really does feel normal.

The tech who installed me did good work.

I see that! I also see something else in those bodyforms.

Yes, you do. Right behind each nipple I had a D-ring installed. It flips down into a recessed niche for them so under a tight top they can’t be seen. But if you flip them out, you can attach things to them. These things are strong too. I have one more thing to show you!

You do? Do tell.

Let me get this skirt off. There. Take a close look at my slit.

You’ve got another bodyform down there. It fills the area between the labia majora, covering access.

Yep. And see the ring down there too?

Set above the clit, I see. Same kind of D-ring.

These three rings can be used to hang me by them. The pulling on my crotch is the most stimulation I get. Sometimes Charles likes to hook a y-chain to my nipple rings, and run the chain through the crotch ring. And then tie that chain to things.

How do you like the chastity aspects of the bodyform?

I like it. Like all of our products it makes my period much more manageable. Plus, it keeps me spread wide open and I don’t dry out. Charles likes that.

Charles is a man of good taste!

Thank you.

Thanks to you both, girls!

The clear bodyform provides an opportunity unique to us. Chastity, but visible. We expect this to be a hot seller!

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    I am a white male, and I wish that truthfully realy I wish that I trully could be well tattooed and pierced all over my intire body and be be compleatly chastised all permanently forever. I love this site!

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