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 The Substitute Wife


I wish to emphasize that I did not write this, it was on SweetChastity.com and has since vanished. I am posting it here to preserve this story. Please do not credit me at all for this story.

The Substitute Wife
By Lord Frodo

Victoria sat on the edge of her seat, her blue eyes wide with amazement, her breath, light in her lungs as she stared, almost unblinking at the stage. Kate Jackson, hostess for the Chasti- Permalock corporation was up there putting a young girl into restraint. Permanent restraint.

The girl was nervous, apprehensive. She stated she wanted to go the next step, but trembled when the gag, massive and intimidating was held up before her. Once inserted and activated, a host of nanites would fuse muscle and bone to the gag making it a permanent part of her.

Vicky held her breath as the young girl opened her mouth wide. She could feel the girl’s jaw ache from being opened so far as Kate Jackson stuffed the ball over the girl’s teeth to settle in her mouth. There was a little twisting to get the flanges to slide into her cheeks and for the gag to set. Once in place, Kate activated it. “Welcome to the world of silence!” She told the girl, then turned to the audience. “Now that there will be no more debate, lets get all those accessories her mistress ordered installed in her.” She looked out over the audience.

“Are there any questions?”

Vicky found herself gasping, dizzy, almost as if she had orgasmed. How she longed to be the girl up on the stage. Silenced, bound and chastised for life! She didn’t even move when her friend Brenda nudged her.

“I don’t get this.” She whispered to her friend. “I figured this was gonna be the suburban wives spice up your life with a few whips and chains, but this? Chastity devices?”

Brenda looked at her, and for the first time noticed her gaze. “You’re thinking about getting something for Malcom, aren’t you?” Brenda nodded to herself. “Hey, now that’s not a half bad idea. I wonder if I can get one for my low life husband and that slut he’s been sleeping with.”

Vicky shook her head without looking away from the stage. “No, not Mal.” Brenda’s eyebrows came together in confusion. “For you? What ever for?” Vicky only shrugged as she continued to watch the stage. Kate was slipping a steel collar around the girl’s neck.

Not getting an answer, Brenda raised her hand. “Uh, Ms. Jackson? Why would someone volunteer for this? I mean, with a gag, chastity, ear plugs and the whole nine, how can you enjoy life anymore?” Kate’s long legs seemed longer in her towering heels and short, short skirt as she came to the edge of the stage. She smiled brilliantly, her dimples showing.

“I’m so glad you asked! First let me say, everyone has their own reasons. As for Millie here,” She motioned to the girl on stage. “She is doing this as a devotion to her mistress. As for her mistress? I there is a great pleasure in reducing a slave to an object.” She regarded Millie for a moment. Her mouth sealed with a gag, her head forced erect by a wide collar, her breasts contained with mirror polished cups, her waist nipped tight by a corset, and her pussy covered in steel. “I think she looks absolutely yummy. Totally submissive. I’m sure her mistress will get a charge each time she looked at her.” Kate looked at the audience. “As for Millie? There is more to life than the big ‘O’. There is the pleasure in the dedication of service and secondly, the paradoxical nature of pleasure by denial. The more something is denied, the more precious it becomes. Permanent denial is the penultimate achievement of pleasure.”

“If you want denial of pleasure, you can marry my husband.” Brenda quipped.

Kate laughed gently, her steel eyes sparkling. She sat back on her stool and lifted her skirt showing the gold plate that locked up her pussy. “This type of denial goes far deeper than marital difficulties. In fact, we have many cases of how the Chasti-Lock 2000 have invigorated the enjoyment of sex.” She turned to her assistant on stage. “Such as Linda here.” Linda stepped forward. Vicky already knew the story, she’d heard it before. Linda had never been a sexual person, and after counselors, toys and therapy, she tried a Chasti-Lock 2000 which supercharged her libido. Although she can not receive any external sexual contact or orgasm, she discovered that her denial incites her to give pleasure to her husband and in that giving, receives pleasure herself.”

Vicky understood the paradox and wasn’t surprised Brenda didn’t.

In the car driving home, Brenda suddenly broke the heavy silence. “But I like sex.”

“So do I. I’m not asking you to give it up.” Vicky said quietly.

Brenda drummed the wheel. “I thought everything was okay with you and Mal.”

“They are. In fact, having sex with Mal is the one thing I’ll miss the most.”

Brenda stole a glance at her friend. “So why would you want to lock yourself up? Is this Mal’s idea?”

Vicky sighed. “He hates the idea.”

“So then why? These things not only make sex impossible, but they do something to you to make you horny. Why do that to yourself?”

Vicky felt a shudder slip though her. “I don’t really know.” She said quietly. “I was looking for a little spice for Mal and I to try, and I came across a web page for the Chasti- Permalock corporation. Ever since then, that’s all I’ve thought about for the last two years.”

Brenda almost choked. “Two years?”

Vicky nodded. “Yes. And with each and every upgrade product they’ve come out with, I’ve wanted it more.” Vicky’s eyes lit up as she smiled inwardly. “Can you imagine, sealed in a cocoon of latex, your sex drive out of control, unable to do anything about it. Deaf, blind, no external distractions from thinking about your predicament. Being an object for Mal to play with.It’s a torturous bliss.” She looked at her friend. “Think about it for a moment. Doesn’t the thought he being helpless to your sex drive make you quiver? Just a bit?”

Inside, Brenda quivered quite a bit, but suppressed it. “So, you want to go for the whole bondage package? Have you spoken to anyone about this? You, know, professional?”

Vicky nodded. “Two different shrinks. Mal insisted.”

“And they said?”

“They both said I had a deep seeded need to please others due to guilt of an over dottering parents who died when I was young. In other words, I’m a normal, well adjusted woman.” She shrugged. “Who wants total liberation through bondage.”

Brenda shook her head. “More paradox, right?” She sighed. “And you dragged me to the seminar so I can help you convince Mal that you should go through with this, right?”

Vicky shook her head. “No, not quite.” She looked at her friend. “The reason I haven’t done this is because Mal is dead set against it.” She shrugged. “I mean, I kind of understand. He would sort of lose a wife.”

“And a friend. You guys are like two peas in a pod. Its not like you can go out for romantic walks or a movie, right?” Vicky watched her friend carefully. “So that’s what I was thinking. Mal would need a substitute wife.”

Slowly Brenda’s eyes grew wide as plates. “Are you saying…?” Vicky nodded.

“Yes. That you and Mal, you know, get together. I mean, with all the problems you’ve had with Brad. And lets face it. If I wasn’t in the picture, you’d go after Mal. Be honest!”

Brenda sighed with resignation. “Who wouldn’t. He’s Cosmopolitan’s Millennium Dream Date.” She looked at Vicky. “Is this your plan? Does Mal know?”

Vicky shook her head. “No. Its hard enough to try to convince him that I want to be chastised let alone that I want him and my best friend to have a relationship.” She touched Brenda’s arm. “Listen. I want you to think about it, that’s all. After I’m locked up, you’ll have all the time to think about it.”

“You’re going to do it?” She nodded. “I’ve been saving. I’m just about ready. Mal and I are financially set and I’m getting my affairs in order. When I do this, I’m virtually going to be a non person. I have a date set for mid month. I haven’t told Mal that either, but I think he knows I’m going to do it. He’s sort of consigned to the idea that its my body and my choice. He told me that what ever I choose, he will still love me.” Vicky looked out the window, then back to her friend. “I guess I want my two best friends close by. I’ll be isolated, but we’ll be together. More paradox. Anyway, to make it easier, I’m going to wait until Mal goes to work. When he comes home, I’ll have installed everything.”

Brenda pulled the car smoothly into Vicky’s driveway, parked and killed the engine. She sat in the silence for a moment before looking to her friend. “So you’re not just talking the chastity.”

Vicky shook her head. “Everything.” She held out her hands, delicate and soft. “Even my hands will bound. By fingers will merge together into a thumbless mitten. It will be next to impossible to communicate.”

Brenda looked away. “I don’t know, Vicky.”

Vicky took her hand. “I know this is a big shock. I understand. I would just like to know that you and Mal are together before I do it.” Vicky smiled. “Even if you lie.” She took a video tape out of her bag. “This is a video of Chastity Libitore’s installing the works on herself before and after. Watch it. Perhaps you’ll get a better idea of how I feel.” She kissed Brenda on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

She climbed out of the car and went into the house. Mal came out of the kitchen to greet her. He mentioned something about dinner was ready but Vicky only latched onto his neck and pulled him down to her, their lips locking harshly, hungrily. Without coming up for air, she kicked off her shoes, ripped off her blouse, ripped off his shirt and dragged him to the floor. Watching the seminar she had become so wet she stained herself. The thought of being this horny not being able to satisfy her urges drove her even more to the edge. She came instantly as Mal slipped into her very lubricated pussy. By time they got to dinner, it was quite cold.

Two weeks dragged by for Vicky. As the time came, neither Mal nor Brenda wanted to discuss the matter. Mal only said that it was her choice, and her body, but he wasn’t happy about it.

As she drove home, she twitched with excitement. She was ready. She would order everything she needed and in a few days time, reduce herself to an object, nothing more than a piece of furniture. She couldn’t wait. She tried to abstain from sex. With Mal, she sucked and stroked and teased him, but she couldn’t deny herself. In the quiet of the day she had to masturbate or go mad. She had to have sex! The thought plagued her. She wanted the Chasti- Lock more than ever! The anticipated torture of wanting but being unable too was unbelievable!

Her hand shook violently as she tried to push the key into the lock to open her door. All she could think of was in a few days her fantasy would be reality.

The door opened by itself. Mal stood there, waving her in. Confused, she obeyed and stepped into the living room. Brenda sat on the couch, a catty smile on her lips. Vicky looked baffled. “What are you guys up too?” She looked at her husband for an answer.

He pointed to the middle of the room. “Stand there.” He commanded and sat on the couch next to Brenda. “Take off your clothes.” Vicky suddenly looked at the open windows then back to her husband. “Wha?” She felt a tinge of excitement suddenly shoot through her.

“Take off your clothes.” He repeated. “Now!” He ordered sternly.

Slowly Vicky picked at the buttons of her blouse while Brenda and Mal started fondling each other. They seemed a little awkward to Vicky. She knew then it was the first time they had ever touched one another. Vicky longed to be part of it.

Mal looked up at her. “Faster!” He ordered his wife. “Strip! What a bad slave you are!” Vicky trembled with anxiety as she ripped off her clothes. Mal and Brenda started kissing.

He parted her shirt and freed one of her large breasts from the constrains of its bra and suckled the puckering nipple. Brenda leaned her head back and moaned, a smile crossing her face. Vicky felt her legs shake as her sex began to dribble down her legs. Brenda, her eyes only slits peered at her. “You want some of this?” She asked.

Vicky couldn’t speak. Her voice shivered in her mouth as she nodded.

Mal looked up. “I want you to think carefully now. This is what your giving up.” He opened Brenda’s shirt fully exposing the mellonous bosom.

Vicky felt a spark of anger. A trick to get her to give up her dream! She tightened her lips and her resolve.

Mal held up a finger. “Don’t get stubborn with me.” He said, reading her mind. “I just have to be sure. Now answer me. You want me to fuck you, right?” Her legs started to move, she wanted it so bad, but she stayed where she was. She wanted to say no, but she couldn’t. She only shivered.

Mal nodded understanding. “Brenda and I have discussed it and among other things, we felt that for a slave, you’re quite demanding. ‘I want to be chastised’, ‘I want you two to fuck’ I want, I want, I want.” He shook his head. “Well, Brenda and I have a few wants.” He sat up. “I figure that you’re going to go through with this and we’re not going to have any say.” He pulled a box out from under the couch and set it on the coffee table. “So we made an order from the Chasti-Permalock Corporation.” He looked at her. “For you. We get to pick the options, the terms and devices we put into you.” Vicky couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were round as plates. “Oh, Mal.” She felt herself welling with happy tears.

Mal stood up, opening the box. “Hold out your hands.” She did, her hands trembling. Brenda stood up and moved behind her.

Mal held up wrist cuffs, sparkling like molten silver, seven centimeters wide, thick and heavy. He slipped them over her wrists. He hesitated, hovering in space.

Her voice was wavering, a whisper. “Please, do it.”

“Hush.” He said. “You’ll be bound to your hearts content when we’re done. I’m savoring the moment, have you no sense of theater?”

Brenda let out a breathless laugh. “Perhaps we should have put the gag in first.” Mal closed the wrist cuffs until they locked in place. Vicky felt them fit snugly. She could feel the tiny pin prick releasing the nanites into her system, bonding to her forever. Suddenly her legs gave away as an orgasm rocked through her. Brenda had to hold her up.

“I’m alright.” She gasped quickly, finding her legs. Mal studied her carefully, and she smiled at him. “What’s next?”

“She’s demanding.” Brenda said. “I think it’s the gag next.”

“Oh, yes!” She exclaimed. “Tell me, what does it do?” Mal held it up.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Vicky opened her mouth wide, but Mal touched her lip. “Not yet.” He whispered. He cupped her chin and bought her close to him and kissed her deeply, passionately, for the last time.

When they parted, Brenda turned her around. “This is going to be my only chance.” Their lips brushed gently, tentatively. Neither had never kissed a woman before. Vicky realized it was something she was going to miss as they deepened in their passion.

When broke, she could feel Mal behind her, the gag coming around. She felt her heart skip and the giant thing touched her lips. She kissed it, then licked it, then opened her mouth as wide as it would go. She winced in pain as it forced her mouth open even wider as Mal wriggled it in. When it settled into place, she could not believe she would ever get used to something that huge in her mouth. She looked up, blinking in amazement that it fit.

Brenda held up a mirror for her to see. Her face was packed tight, a silver disk, contoured to fit her face was where her mouth should be. Her fingers gently touched it, to confirm its solidity. She could feel the ball of the gag and already seized her tongue and no force on earth could undo it. Soon, the nanites would anchor the rest of the gag to her forever. She moaned as another orgasm crept across her, but then squeaked as pain flared in her mouth.

“You’re learning.” Mal said. “Welcome to the World of Silence.” Vicky quaked with another orgasm when he said that and she winced as her moan brought about another jolt of pain, this one more intense. She knew it was part of the conditioning. With each bit of noise, there would be more pain. She was going to learn how to quiet.

Brenda was smiling. “That silver really highlights the blue of her eyes, don’t you think, Mal?” Mal nodded as he fished the corset out of the box. Vicky sucked in her gut as they wrapped it around her and started lacing it up. Tighter and tighter it squeezed her until she thought she would pop. Mal tied it off, then pulled up the zipper that covered up the laces.

Vicky knew that soon enough the nanites would cover the zipper over and the corset would bee seamless. She knew the corset would adjust itself tighter and tighter as she became accustomed to wearing it.

Next came a metal belt. It had three ‘D’ rings spaced about five centimeters apart. Vicky assumed the rings would go in front. She was a bit surprised when Mal locked the belt around her waist they were in back. Mal them took out a metal rod about twenty centimeters long. He tugged on the ends and it telescoped to almost eighty centimeters and was flexible as a cable. Mal connected one end to Vicki’s cuff, then threaded the other end through the rings in the back of her belt then to the other wrist. Mal then connected cuffs to her upper arms, one over each biceps. He then took out another rod, this one much shorter than the first. He connected the two ends to her arm cuffs with the cable running behind her back. Vicky discovered that she had a greatly limited use of her hands until Mal took out a tiny black box and pushed a button.

Suddenly, the cables contracted, pulling her elbows almost until they touched and her wrists up to the rings in her back. Her hands were lost to her.

Brenda smiled. “Now that is going to come in handy.” Vicky was helpless to do anything as Mal began fondling her tits. “I’m going to miss this.” Brenda gave a little shimmy, letting her still exposed breasts jiggle. “Hey, what about these?” Mal smiled and fondled them. “Nice.” He stopped and took up breast shields and fitted them over Vicky’s breasts.

Mal admired them for a moment before continuing. “Hold her steady, its time for you know what.” Mal rumbled around in the box taking up a huge dildo. “Well, we all know where this goes.” He peeled off its wrapper. “Looks like your not going to need all this lubricating goo.” He said, eyeing her pussy, dripping with excitement.

Vicky looked at its massive size and didn’t believe it would fit. She nodded her head vigorously.

Mal looked at her. “You want the goo?” He smiled. “This isn’t any bigger than your used to. You see, I sent a small DNA sample to the Permalock people and they made a clone of my penis and merged it with the machinery of the chastity to create a sort of android of my John Thomas.”

Brenda whispered in her ear. “Remember when you said you were going to miss having sex with Mal?” Vicky’s heart skipped as she looked at the monster. She realized that she had never seen Mal’s erect penis in direct light before. Without him as a reference, it was positively huge.

Mal coated it with nanite epoxy which would not only act as a lubricant, but also start the binding process that would merge it with her body. Her heart fluttering, she spread her legs, wide.

As the huge cock slithered in her, she forced down an orgasmic scream welling in her throat as she came violently. So wonderful! Her body quaking with the aftershocks of her powerful orgasm, her last orgasm ever. A tinge of regret crept across her, but it was too late, she could feel the tiny anchor pins penetrate her vaginal wall. The chastity was now part of her. She wondered if Mal had gotten the removable plug option that would allow her to have sex again, then thought better of it. If he had, she’d find a way to disable it, locking her sex away forever Her eyes moist, sweat beading on her forehead she looked at the smiling face of her husband. She nodded with her eyes she was okay.

Mal set down a set of high heeled shoes for Vicky to step into . Brenda had to hold her steady as she slipped her feet in. This was followed but ankle cuffs, cuffs over her calves and cuffs over her knees; each connected to a short rod. Vicky realized that she would be able to hobble around with short steps, but with a push of a button, the rods would contract and she would be instantly immobilized.

As the high stiff collar slipped over her neck and locked into place she realized this far exceeded her fantasy. She was in heaven! She stood at attention, little choice to do other wise, as they stuffed the nose plugs deep within her nasal canal. She sniffed to test them.

Mal pulled something from the box. “Both Brenda and I agreed that we would miss looking into those baby blues. So, we got these.” Mal held up clear eye shields and placed one over each eye until they let out a tiny click which released the nanite epoxy that would hold them in place. Vicky admired herself in the mirror. The shields gave her an exotic bug like look, her big blue eyes distinctive behind them. “The shields are polarized.” Mac explained. “With the remote we can make them opaque.” Brenda looked her over. “I think she likes them.” Mal held up the ear plugs. “Last but not least. I know you wanted to shut all sound, but I didn’t like that. So once the nanites adjust to your system in the next forty eight hours, you’ll find that although muted, you’ll be able to hear music, car alarms and most importantly smoke alarms. But, I’m afraid other than a select list of commands all human voice will sound like garbage to you.” Mal came close to her and whispered in her ear. “I love you.” And pushed the plugs deep into her ears.

Mal released her bonds so she could move. He connected a leash to the ring in her collar.

“Okay, bed time.” Mal announced.

Bed! Vicky’s heart was running a mile a second! Who could think of bed? She didn’t move but with a tug of the collar, pain flared in her. Quickly she succumbed.

“You’re a feisty one!” Brenda announced. “After we tuck you in, Mal and I are going to fuck like bunnies. Locking you up has made me so wet.” Vicky wanted to be part of that and rejoiced that she would have limited use of her hands to be able to do so, but suddenly she felt a heavy tiredness sweep over her. She knew it was the nanites putting her to sleep. When she awoke, everything would be adjusted, and very, very permanent. Mal lead her to the bed room and she laid down, sleepily waving goodnight to them.

He last visions where of Mal and Brenda fondling each other.

Her dreams where wild and powerfully erotic. She envisioned herself a sex goddess, passion flowing like a river through her. When she awoke, she looked in the mirror. A translucent latex sheath had been slowly creeping up out of the collar, corset and shoes. Withing days, she would be concealed in latex! Her hands, melding into a mitten, roved slowly over the gag concealing her face. She tried wriggling it, but it was held fast. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs looking at the plate that covered her anus and pussy. She rolled back onto the bed and rocked her feet back and forth hoping to stimulate the penis inside her. Nothing!

She squealed with delight only to feel a powerful shock in her neck. She sat on the bed looking at her dream image in the mirror. She wanted to come so badly, but there was nothing she could do about it save suck it up and get used to it.

She could hear Brenda’s voice down stairs. She couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she sounded angry. Vicky made her way as quickly as she could in the towering heels she had yet to get accustomed too. She found Brenda sitting on the couch, her husband Brad, nude and hogtied at her feet. Vicky recognized the Tranny-lock secured around his genitals. Most of Brad’s face was covered by a Chasti-lock gag with the penis attachment in place. He was struggling to get to his knees to put the attachment to proper use.

Vicky heard her name. She looked over and there was Mal, sitting on the couch, his crotch hidden by the nest of hair from the girl going down on him. Vicky sat beside Mal snuggling into the crock of his arm. She peered under the mass of hair and recognized Brad’s lover. Vicky could see she had the Chasti-lock gag with oral sex option. While the girl could feel nothing from an inner sheath consuming her mouth, Mal was getting the sensations of his life.

Vicky could tell that neither Brad nor his lover where happy about their new permanent situations.

Since they had far less options installed, they didn’t have to sleep as long as she did before their toys became part of them.

Vicky laid her head on Mal’s chest and with her hand, began to skillfully tickle his nipple.

She felt him stiffen, his pleasure that much more tweaked. When he came, Vicky could feel it within her. Shackled and sexless, she never felt more free or sexual in her life, or in the many years to come. Vicky was a very happy woman.

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