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I wish to emphasize that I did not write this, it was written by SweetChastity and has become an Newsgroup sensation. Many stories have been spawned based on this story, and I did not write these. Please do not credit me at all for this story.

ChastiLock 2000

By SweetChastity

w00012Hi, I’m Chastity LalibertÈ, founder of the Chasti Permalock
Corporation, here to tell you about our newest product, the Chastilock 2000. It encorporates the latest in nanotechnology, and is a fiendish device indeed — so fiendish that when I decided to go for permanent chastity myself, I opted for the first of these wicked devices.

What’s more is that the Chastilock 2000 fits right inside the vagina, with no belts or uncomfortable straps, plus it is so inconspicuous, you can wear it under a bikini, to the beach. No one will ever know that you’re all locked up. On the surface, the Chastilock 2000 is a gently-curved shield shaped into two ovals, one to cover the vagina, and one to give a good radius of security around the clitoris, for extra protection. The lock portion is right inside the pussy lips, and doesn’t protrude. Here, let me hike up my skirt, and show you.

w00013Notice how smooth and polished it is? But the look is only the
beginning: the Chastilock 2000 is the ultimate in effectiveness. I haven’t had an orgasm since before it was installed, and don’t see how I will possibly have one, ever again.

The Chastilock 2000 uses microscopic-sized nanomachines — which are able to restructure matter at an atomic level — for two purposes. Firstly, several nanites are programmed to keep the vaginal region clean, healthy and free of obstruction. One of our customers had uterine cancer, and three months after the installation of her
Chastilock 2000, all the signs of it were gone. Plus, the inner assembly of the Chastilock 2000 uses canals to direct menstrual fluids and urine rerouted by a catheter to a tiny escape valve, which hooks up to an adapter for an enema nozzle. Female discomforts are a thing of the past — aside from those associated with sexual frustration, of course.

The other function of the nanites is to integrate the unit base with the body. The Chastilock 2000 is initially fixed in the vagina using gentle clamps and hooks to isolate the various folds and brace it against sliding out. But the nanites — which line the surface of the inner assembly are designed to fuse it to the body. Nanomachines are able to molecularly bond the unit to flesh. After three hours, the Chastilock 2000 adheres as though bonded by a strong adhesive, and after two days, it cannot even be removed surgically. It becomes as much a part of the body as a hand or an eye. What’s more, because it does not fit loosely against the flesh, there is no chance of rubbing. If the clitoris is fused against the device, there is no way to create friction between the two. It is a guaranteed method of isolating all of the pleasure points and rendering them useless.

There are other features as well. Vivian here had her Chastilock 2000 installed a year ago. As a matter of fact, she was a virgin when it was installed, so the only thing that has ever penetrated her is this device. Vivian? How effective has the Chastilock 2000 been, so far?

Vivian: I can’t even feel a thing, down there, except maybe from the occasional throbbing from need. Sometimes at night, I’ll take a mirror and just look at this, and cry myself to sleep. Sometimes, it’s insufferable.

w00014Don’t worry, Vivian, you’ll grow to love it. I know I did. Alright, I had my own keys destroyed, so I need Vivian to demonstrate. I’m going to unlock Vivian, for a moment, like so, and notice how the base of the device stays firmly fixed to her genital region? I can take this dildo and insert it like so, and move it around, and Vivian: what do you feel?

Vivian: I don’t feel anything.

That’s right. The inner pipe prevents any sensation whatsoever. She can be penetrated, and the Chastilock 2000 has a pleasurable inner lining so that her master feels everything, but she experiences no stimulation from it whatsoever. She is fully insulated, and can accept anything up to ten inches in length and two inches in width, but has a barrier against any possibility of pregnancy. Now, if I put the locking plug back in and secure it, I can show you another

There. Using another key, I can turn the lock in another direction. The plug remains inside the Chastilock 2000, but the loop at the end of the key provides a great ring to attach things to, like a leash, or a chain. For those of you who have never felt the sensation of being led around by a tugging within your nether hole, I can assure you, it is an extremely weird and humiliating experience. Would someone like to try it out on Vivian? How about you, miss?

Woman from audience: Can I try it out on you, instead?

Certainly. Here’s the key for that function of my lock. Okay, notice how the plug doesn’t come out? Now, drag me around, and I’ll try to resist. There. The Chastilock 2000 provides even, non-painful force to the region, and remains firm, giving full, intimate control. Now if you examine the special leash I had you attach to the key, miss…

w00015Woman from audience: Lauren.

… Lauren, you will notice some buttons on the handling loop. If you press the yellow one…
Ooh!!! No!!! That’s the red one! Oh, god!!! Turn it off! Press it again! You have to press it a second time to turn it off!!!

Aughhh. Ahhech. (*sniff*) Well, as you can see, there are three… (*puff*) … features on the leash. There is a green button, which supplies a low-level current to the region to provide a slight
stimulant — though not enough for orgasm — plus a yellow one for a medium punishment shock, and a red one which delivers a debilitating current to the most sensitive regions. Whenever someone buys a
Chastilock 2000, we do a careful examination and measuring, including determining proper depth and thickness for the device and a plaster mold of the lips. One other thing we determine is each customer’s electrical tolerance, and the Chastilock 2000 is calibrated
accordingly. The only exception is my own device, which I had
programmed to take the maximum shock allowable. After all, if I am to stand behind my product, I need to be fully aware of its capabilities. This maximum is just at the point where flesh burns can result, but fortunately, the nanomachines heal up damage quickly, so there is no worries of permanent harm. Also, the Chastilock 2000 is waterproof and sealed, so shocks can even be delivered underwater without any worries of electrocution hazards.

Why buy the Chastilock 2000? Well, it is an excellent protection against vaginal rape, pregnancy, infidelity and unwanted masturbation. Plus, it is a wonderful punishing tool, keeping a woman aroused
constantly, without allowing her drive to abate. Most of our
customers find that they have much more ambition after receiving their Chastilock 2000, and become much more passionate and attentive.

So how much would you pay for the Chastilock 2000? One thousand dollars? Two thousand dollars? How about only six hundred sixty six dollars? That includes your testing and fitting fees and
consultations. Plus, you also receive the free leash lead, and six month’s supply of aphrodisiac. And the Chastilock 2000 comes with a lifetime warranty. But there’s more. If you order now, you get a pair of nipple covers absolutely free. These little marvels cover the entire nipple and aureoles, protecting the most exciteable of those upper regions. It adheres using the same nanotechnology, and bonds in minutes from the first application. Now, how does that sound? You, miss. You have a question?

Another woman from audience: How does the Chastilock 2000 apply?

I’m glad you asked that. We’ve prepared a demonstration, using
Vivian, here. Vivian? Come here, please.

Alright, now Vivian has already had her Chastilock 2000 installed, but we thought it best to try something different. You see, we at Chasti Permalock pride ourselves in being able to create any custom order for any unusual circumstance. That’s why we will be demonstrating with Vivian’s mouth. This will also provide us with a larger, more visible sample for you, our viewing audience.

Now, first, we measure the orifice depth and maximum diameter, to create a cast for the device. The measuring device Janet is using here can measure expanding widths inside, past the initial opening, to create a fuller, more filling blockage of the opening. First she checks width, and then she measures depth.

Vivian: gk! k!

Okay. There’s where her gag reflex kicks in, so we need to stop just before that point. Now, normally, it takes three weeks to fashion the Chastilock 2000 based on the measurements, but we’ve already measured Vivian earlier, and made a cast for her oral chastity. Normally, what we do next is a series of tests, including a pregnancy test and a psychological assessment to ensure readiness — which are irrelevant, here. We also make a cast of the lips and inside folds, as Janet is doing here. We would also be making a cast of the clitoral region, if that applied here. Now, the Chastilock 2000 uses leaves, like a speculum, which expand out, once inside the hole. Once Janet has the Chastilock in Vivian’s mouth, she will make sure that Vivian’s tongue slips into its proper clamp. There we are. Next, the inner edge slips past the teeth, the outer edge slips into the gums, and the front shield is pressed to the face. A small one-time pressing in of the lock engages the tiny hooks anchoring it there, and starts the nanomachines on their way restrucuring the edges of the device so that it unites with her face. Notice this small threaded valve: on a normal Chastilock, this provides for bodily evacuation. In this device, it has been adapted to ensure breathing, should Vivian develop a runny nose. This Chastilock also can be opened, and like its normal unit, it allows the entry of food, but impedes any taste from occurring. Her gag has also been fitted with shock capabilities, mostly focused on Vivian’s tongue. We’ve designed this particular unit to respond to sound vibrations, so that any time Vivian makes a grunt — however muffled — she will receive a shock. The higher the volume, the more intense the shock will be. In this way, she will be conditioned against making any sounds at all. We are currently looking at creating a Chastilock 2000 which similarily responds to temperature and moisture, so that it can react to a woman’s physical excitement.

w00018There you are, Vivian. In days, it will be a permanent part of you. Welcome to a world of silence.

Doesn’t Vivian look great with her mouth packed full like that?
That’s what the Chastilock 2000 does to the vagina, as well. It’s the neatest thing. At first, you’ll waddle like a duck, and feel like you’re sitting in a saddle. But after you get used to it — which takes a couple days — it starts to feel really good.

Vivian: mm

Vivian: Mmhh!

Vivian: …

There you go. That first shock kind of hurt, by the sound of it. But silence from you is *better*, Vivian — don’t fight it.

Oh, for those who were wondering, Vivian’s mouth chastity is also lined, so a man can still experience pleasure when in her mouth. She simply cannot taste it, or use her tongue or teeth.

Our designers are extremely innovative. Melanie will come out for us, to show us hers. Melanie? How do you like your new Chastilock 2000?

w00019Melanie: I didn’t want a (*sniff*) Chastilock….

Oh, come on. You did consent to anything your mistress wanted, didn’t you?

Melanie: Yes, but I had no idea…! (*sob*) I can’t feel *anything* down there…! (*sniff*) And I *need* it, *badly*!

Well, that’s the whole idea, isn’t it? Have you changed your mind about your devotion to your mistress?

Melanie: … no….

Well, there we are. Now, show us your Chastilock 2000. The most obvious feature of Melanie’s device is that it’s practically
invisible. It is colored to match her fleshtone, and the nanites have bonded it so well that it is seamless. All we can see is the keyhole and a slightly raised area. Otherwise, Melanie appears — for all intents and purposes — entirely sexless. Which, when it comes right down to it, is entirely true. What you may not be able to tell is that Melanie is also wearing similar flesh-colored breast cups which cover and protect her mammaries completely. These cups are silicone, so they have movement, but they keep her from feeling all but the harshest sensations. They also continue the sexless motif by
obliterating all signs of nipples. And look how large her bust is, yet without the plastic surgery or the heavy strain on the back! The breast cups don’t have the electrical abilities of the genital lock, but they do share most of her nether chastity’s other special
functions: they have thermal coils which can be set to freezing cold or searing hot temperatures, and they have tiny needlepoints specially located which apply a weak venom producing the sensation of wasp stings. Neither of these tortures cause permanent damage to the region, due to the healing function of the nanites, but they will sure feel agonizing in those intimate places. Plus, Melanie’s crotch lock has one other surprise that I will demonstrate for her by pressing this button on her leash.

Oh god! It’s moving! It’s moving around, in there!

I’m sure it feels wonderful, too. I’ll leave it going for a few hours. There’s no worries of dying batteries, because the Chastilock 2000 feeds on sexual fluids, which the nanomachines convert to energy. Melanie’s own need feeds the torture capabilities of her device. As a matter of fact, let’s set all of those genital tortures alternating with each other. And I don’t want you to move,
understand, Melanie? I want you to hold perfectly still….

w00020Yes? Someone else has a question?

Third woman from audience: Yes. All this talk about torment… this is supposed to be a *good* thing?

Well, genital torture is not for everyone, certainly, but if you’re wearing a Chastilock 2000, you eventually need *any* sensation you can get, however painful it may be. *Believe* me. And many of us really do fantasize about it. Personally, I *wish* my Chastilock 2000 had all of the features that Melanie’s has. But these are all optional, and if your only interest is in secure protection, we can certainly provide that.

You know, before the Chastilock 2000, there really weren’t many
decent, viable methods like this available. There were some belt devices, but they were all at least somewhat uncomfortable, often unhygienic, and offered poor security against unwanted masturbation. Worse, there was nothing at all in terms of permanent security, unless you resorted to infibulation, a process where the clitoris and outer lips are excised, the bleeding is cauterized by burning heat and the region is sewn shut with needle and thread, to heal over altogether. It was barbaric, often led to infection, left horrible scarring, and was more painful than anything even remotely desireable. The
Chastilock 2000 is none of those, and in fact, one customer who went through the clitoridectomy procedure later experienced a clearing up of infections and healing of scarred regions, after being reopened and having one of our devices installed. The Chastilock 2000 is not only a viable method of protection and birth control, it is a healing method and excellent custodian of our body functions. Personally, I don’t miss tampons one bit. Neither will you.

All of this can be yours for only six hundred sixty six dollars. With that, you get the Chastilock 2000, careful fitting and tests, a
lifetime warranty, special functions as selected by you, and plus we’ll throw in the leash lead and the nipple covers absolutely free — a fifty-dollar value. Order today.

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